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Work culture and workspace design

Work culture and workspace design have witnessed huge transitions over the years. With the advancement of technology, the style and pattern of work have changed manifolds. Gone are the days when office spaces were filled with cubicles and workstations. Today’s workspaces are all about effective teamwork, collaboration, and activities. With the change in work culture, the design of office spaces has also witnessed a shift. The emphasis is given to the functionality and flexibility of spaces wherein employees can discuss and work.

What are Informal Areas?

Informal areas are conceived as breakout zones wherein the employees can interact without the formality of office space. These areas are meant to be agile and are able to accommodate different sizes and groups of people. Thus, a well-thought-out activity area or a meeting area where creativity can flow has become paramount in any office space. Designers are focusing on conceptualizing such spaces that are true to the brand yet are dynamic in nature.

More and more companies are coming up with the concept of creating informal areas/breakout zones. For example, the addition of phone booths allows one to work more privately or sneak in for a quick call. High-tables, lounge seatings, stools, bean bags are a variety of furniture which will allow people to collaborate in an open yet flexible setting. Ancillary things such as writing boards, speakers for any visual or audio streams, and presentations provide seamless engagement. Not every meeting has to be in a formal setup, but it could be in a zone where employees could be seated comfortably in different arrangements.

While designing the Mindtickle HQ in Pune-India, the key intention was to balance out the formal workstation areas with break-out zones. This ensured that the office design incorporated the changing work culture. We at Studio AsA believe that such informal areas help break the ice between the employees and promote productivity in the workplace. Even in the office headquarters of MPLin Bangalore-India, the introduction of a gaming lounge and discussion booths adds to the informal atmosphere of the office.

The office layouts are also designed keeping in mind the interaction between the workstations and these informal areas to allow better communication. Offices around the world are trying to set a standard of how work culture can be made more collaborative and fun. Innovative informal areas like cafes turning into meeting areas, video game lounges, sleeping pods are coming up so that employees can feel at home and destress themselves. These casual seating areas are comfortable so that you need not sit only at your desk but can move freely about to finish your task. The creation of such informal areas and breakout zones makes your daily routine at the office more and doesn’t make it stressful.

Organizations big and small are now looking at their offices to be living spaces. The office becomes a catalyst for better productivity. There are endless possibilities when you start considering your office space to be a place where life happens and not just work.

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