Future-proofing the Post-pandemic Office and Commercial Spaces | Studio AsA

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While the pandemic clearly posed several obstacles for the architectural and construction sectors in general, the commercial office sector was no exception. Working from home prohibitions have been in place sporadically since March 2020, alternating with other lockdowns throughout the previous two years.

Since the typical working life dynamics – such as how and where we do our work – have been irreparably disrupted, a post-pandemic office may never be the same again. A pandemic is an excellent example of the careful balance that must be struck between meeting current and future user needs.

Due to the turmoil produced by lockdowns, excellent management and delivery of work under constraints are required, and a constant willingness to adapt to changing plans and possible applications. The pandemic struck a little more than six months later. The project’s commercial goals shifted as a result.

Similarly, preparing it for many uses while future-proofing it against potential viral strains became critical. As a result, anti-viral design features were incorporated into the structure to fulfill modern expectations while providing safety and comfort. UV air filtration, antimicrobial ironmongery, touch-free lifts, and sanitary ware were among them.

The New Flex-office Space Provides Solutions to New Business Issues

Organizations are now eager to invest in shared office spaces that offer additional flexibility due to the demands of a quickly evolving workplace. Flex-office space provides a middle ground between remote and in-office work. The most successful firms have the tools, space, and technology to increase creativity and productivity while staying flexible enough.

Boost Your Output

Make sure the flex office you choose has the necessary digital infrastructure and technology expertise to help your staff succeed. Make use of virtual and in-person office services, such as on-call IT help desks, reception, administrative, and secretarial assistance, to ensure that everything works smoothly, whether your team is onsite or working from home.

Maintain Your Security

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your vital business data is protected. Your workers are always connected, thanks to 200-500Mbps fast Internet managed in-house 24/7 for optimum performance and 20GB up/downloads per person per month.

Lower Your Commercial Expenses

A flex office provides a more cost-effective per square meter/employee solution during uncertainty. It has never been simpler to switch from renting dedicated physical office space to utilizing a hybrid office solution, which provides remote teams with all the resources they require to succeed.

Collaborative Space

When people work together, the best business ideas are born. Our remote team packages provide you with access to co-working spaces in 21 places across Australia and the world. Hire the best of the best and allow them to collaborate creatively in an office setting or virtually from anywhere globally utilizing our cutting-edge solutions.

Steps to Take Next

The actual influence of the epidemic on how we operate and construct office buildings is still unknown — and may not be for many years. Our industry must adapt to such unpredictability by employing creative and agile design techniques. It will ensure that the future generation of business spaces will be ready for whatever comes.