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Creative open office layout for enhanced productivity

Creative open office layout for enhanced productivity – The concept of open office layout has made a niche in recent times as having open communication and collaboration has gained importance. Gone are the days when people would sit behind cubicles and would not indulge in face-to-face interactions. An office planned in isolation not only affects the mood of the employees but also leads to decreased productivity. The advantage of an open layout is that it is economical and utilizes the space well. Once this concept is fueled with other amenities like work cafes, outdoor workspace, focus zones, activity areas, and advanced technology; it shifts the overall work mode. 

Depending upon the kind of work the enterprise is associated with, the open layout has to be designed. If the work requires more creativity and doesn’t care much about the discipline that case some amount of clutter is allowed. If the work requires the collaboration of teams in that case a separate desk for a particular team will increase productivity. 

Colourful walls transform the office atmosphere and add liveliness to the office. Pops of bright colours can make any boring office into a place which is full of energy. These kinds of designs are preferable for a highly creative zone. An open layout workspace should have bright light and windows allowing natural light to enter as it will give a clean textured look. Such spaces are more favourable for managerial and technical work as it does not require many furnishings. Open layout offices in some companies are using fun and experimental elements. Some designers are using the non-uniform placement of furniture to give an informal vibe. The ‘S’ shaped layout is quite unique and accommodates more employees. 

Apart from the layout of the office, the design of the workstations is quite important. Workstations at any office should be a space where employees should draw inspiration from. Whether you are working from home or in an open office the essence of work tends to be the same.  A well-thought-out workstation can bring out the best in you. A minimal workstation that is clutter-free and modern, having an adequate storage facility is the ideal station for any employee. 

There can be different thoughts behind creating a workstation at an open layout office space. A shared workstation supports two to three people who will collaborate and benefit each other. There can be moveable screens and functional furniture which enables workers to reconfigure their space according to their wish. In order to allow a big team to collaborate and work together, ‘big table’ planning has to be done while designing the workstation

Standing height tables allows workers to have a casual setting while collaborating. Contemporary workstation designs are supporting advanced technologies and enhance staff communication. Linear workstation desks have minimal visual barriers and are open. Colleagues can very well socialise and build trust while working together. Standing desks has also become quite popular in modern offices. It provides more mobility and improves productivity. In the 21st century improvement of overall wellness and productivity is more important. Pod workstations are yet another concept that is being highly encouraged in modern offices. It has a shared desk and yet allows privacy when and where needed.

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